AI at Princeton

Nimble, high-intensity research teams at Princeton collaborate across disciplines to accelerate discovery in artificial intelligence without the logistical barriers that have traditionally slowed universities down. Engineers, scientists, humanists and policy experts who are pre-eminent in their fields come together in a deeply interdisciplinary approach to problem solving.


Featured Faculty

Sanjeev Arora
Director of Princeton Language and Intelligence
Charles C. Fitzmorris Professor of Computer Science

Developing conceptual understanding and better design methods for today's AI models.

Arthur Spirling
Class of 1987 Professor of Politics

Understanding what governments and their citizens can expect from, and how they can adapt to, AI in politics.

Olga Troyanskaya
Professor of Computer Science and the Lewis Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics
Director of Princeton Precision Health

Building AI methods to decode genomes and diagnose and treat complex diseases.