NJ AI Summit Sessions

The NJ AI Summit took place on April 11th on the Princeton University campus. The summit was hosted by Princeton in partnership with New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy and the NJ Economic Development Authority. 

Welcome and Foundations of AI

Tom Griffith (Princeton), Sanjeev Arora (Princeton), Kristin Dana (Rutgers) and Mengdi Wang (Princeton)

AI for Technology and Engineering

Sigrid Adriaenssens (Princeton), Ryan Adams (Princeton), Johan Grape (Siemens) and Thierry Klein (Nokia)

AI for Finance

Sylvain Chassang (Princeton), Michael Demissie (BNY Mellon), and Kjersten Moody (Prudential Financial)

Education and Workforce Development

Margaret Martonosi (Princeton), Olga Russakovsky (Princeton), Andy Gunawardena (Rutgers), Jennifer Jennings (Princeton), Patricia Morreale (Kean), and Brenden Rickards (Rowan)

Remarks by Christopher Eisgruber and Phil Murphy

Christopher L. Eisgruber (Princeton) and Phil Murphy (State of New Jersey)

Luncheon Keynote Address with Brad Smith

Brad Smith (Microsoft Corporation)

AI for Health

Olga Troyanskaya (Princeton), Hisham Hamadeh (Genmab), and Jeff Headd (Johnson & Johnson).

AI for Sustainable Energy

Jean Paul Allain (Office of Science), Steven Cowley (Princeton), and Shantenu Jha (Rutgers, Brookhaven National Library)

Compute and Data Resources for AI

Margaret Martonosi (Princeton), Elad Hazan (Princeton, Good DeepMind Princeton), and Brian Venturo (CoreWeave)

AI, Society and Policy

Arvind Narayanan (Princeton), Arthur Spirling (Princeton), Jonathan Mayer (Princeton), Ed Felten (OffChain Labs), and Beth Noveck (State of New Jersey)

Closing Remarks

Jennifer Rexford (Princeton)